HERMES builds upon our experience developing bespoke software for the most relevant players in the space satellite industry, that need SW modules that are accurate, flexible & powerful enough to build their applications.



HERMES incorporates into the space and satellite industries the latest technological innovations available in the hardware and software industries, in particular the use of GPUs to process visualization, simulation and similar data commonly used in space applications. Our technology is based on careful optimization of data analysis according to its type, which determines if it will be best processed either by the CPU or the GPU. It is important to notice that not all data is suitable for GPU processing: as data gets more multithreaded GPU processing outperforms CPU.



HERMES has been designed with flexibility in mind. As seen below, our architecture takes into account all current and future needs of our customers in the space satellite industry by providing the right set of modules upon which they will be able to build cost-effective robust solutions. Moreover, all software has been design to run in commercially available hardware, avoiding dependence on costly pieces of HW.



We build our software solutions upon accurate and validated models of all elements in a satellite mission, e.g. orbits, antennas, sensors.

HERMES modules

Core libraries

The set of components that allow satellite-data driven applications development

  • MODLIB Complete & accurate mathematical/physical models of elements in space data acquisition missions.
  • SATX (SATellite eXplorer) Satellite Visualisation Software Development Kit.
  • GANTTX (GANTT eXplorer) Every mission needs planning, SATX automates the generation of precise GANTT diagrams detailing all tasks needed to take into account to successfully execute a mission.
  • REPX (REPort eXplorer) A specific library encapsulating everything needed to produce comprehensive reports, analysis, metrics tracking, log exploring and etcetera.

Vertical applications development /IDE

To build use a set of components that will ease the combinations of the former core libraries to achieve the desired goals.

  • VERTIX A package of specific plugins implementing a specific behaviour to extend our ecosystem functionality. It will need very minor refactoring.
  • DASHBOARDX This module will facilitate building user interfaces. It will also help encapsulate the application logic, including behaviour and analytics. We will follow a plugin-based approach and evaluate building an ecosystem of community contributions.

Bespoken SW/ Vertical applications

We currently have one commercial-grade application, SAVOIR (Multi- Satellite Swath Acquisition Planner) implemented as a stand-alone application in charge of analysing potential remote sensing opportunities from earth-observation satellites.

SaVoir market success made us realise of the potential of expanding our portfolio of vertical standalone applications and become less SDK sales dependent. HERMES will also provide us the extra degree of modularity needed to efficiently develop this future portfolio. We will develop a new SaVoir (2.0) application based on HERMES SDK to validate our new SW development ecosystem.