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contact_support How do I get an authorization token?
You can find here a complete documentation about how to obtain the authorization token
contact_support Where can I find the SatX API reference documentation?
You will find a complete API documentation here
contact_support Does the SatX API have an OpenAPI endpoint?
We will add OpenAPI support in the next SatX API version: 2.4.0
contact_support What do I need to get started using the SatX API?
  1. Register a developer account
  2. Obtain authentication token
  3. Set the authentication header with the obtained token
contact_support How do I update my developer contact email?
You can use the contact form to send us a message with the requested updates.
contact_support Can I start using the SatX API without registering?
Yes, you can start using the SatX API by using our demo account