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High Efficiency Real-time Multithreading Engine for Space applications

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HERMES is a software development ecosystem (HERMES SDK plus applications, plugins and services) that allows building quickly and efficiently software systems for the space industry.

  • Mathematical and physical models successfully proven on-the-field on rigorous missions (e.g. Sentinel program)
  • Our high quality Software Development Kit (SDK) let our clients save more than 65% of development cost, thanks to its high modularity and our SDK license cost is 50% cheaper than those from our competitors with equivalent features.
  • Uncompromised embedded visualisations engine.

More importantly, we offer a unique boost in execution performance.

  • Our proprietary General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit (GPGPU) algorithmic (10x-100x boost in processing speed) let our clients obtain the results of the complex calculations involved in satellite-data acquisition missions in a few minutes instead of waiting several hours, which directly impacts their satellite-data consumption strategy (75% costs reduction).
  • Moreover, this is a unique selling point that none of our competitors can offer and our main competitive advantage.
  • Furthermore, timeliness is critical in applications such as disaster warning systems, where response time measures in terms of human lives, or natural disaster management, such as oil-spills where response time is critical to minimise the long-term environmental impact.

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Since 2004 Taitus Software develops software applications, specialized libraries and development kits for the aerospace industry, using the latest programming techniques of general purpose computing on GPUs to achieve breakthrough visualization, modelling and simulation power, with exceptional improvement in execution speeds.

Our technology led us to focus on the remote sensing and Earth observation services, and allowed us to reach a very good market penetration with proven technology used by space agencies and key organizations (e.g. NASA, ESA, Airbus) in 25 countries.

Our commercial activities are currently structured around our SDK (GANTTX and SATX) and around our multi-satellite swath planner SaVoir, a leader in the industry with over 150 licenses sold worldwide. We also develop bespoke applications and provide client support services. It has been precisely our success upon SaVoir that has made us realise the strong business opportunity coming from facilitating our customers the development of this type of applications for their specific verticals.

Our own experience developing SaVoir has made our current basic libraries and services ready to be seamlessly integrated in more complex and specific products and we are taking this opportunity also to further transform our company from a bespoken software development company to a software services oriented company, which will strongly boost our revenues and maximise the return of our investment in space research and innovation actions.

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