Taitus Software

TAITUS was founded in 2004 by its Managing Director, Felipe Martín-Crespo, a former ESA staff for more than 15 years.

We are a software development company specializing in advanced mission analysis, planning and simulation tools for space and space-driven applications, with particular focus on Earth Observation and Remote Sensing services to improve the safety of persons and goods.

The high quality of our products and services have let us become a key software and software services supplier for major European Space sector players, as is the case of the European Space Agency (ESA), the Italian Space Agency (ASI) or the International Charter of Space and Major Disasters, where our solutions have proved useful in different missions, e.g. GMES, Cosmo-Skymed, Cryosat Deimos, GOCE, SMOS, Radarsat or TerraSAR-X among others.

Role of HERMES in TAITUS’ business strategy

Now we plan to develop HERMES, the evolution of our SW development ecosystem as a COTS product, expanding our services from remote sensing and Earth observation areas to the whole of the Aerospace industry with our exclusive, breakthrough technology. Currently our main activity belongs to the Earth observation market, in which we are already well-known, so we will focus on this sub-segment during the first years of business. In a first instance we will start by getting ready our platform to satisfy the needs of the primary targeted segments: space agencies, satellite builders, engineering companies, government agencies and oil/gas industry.